Thursday, 20 September 2012

MAC Vanilla Pigment Review & Swatches

I had been meaning to purchase MAC Vanilla Pigment for so long, as many of my subscribers were recommending it to me, so i thought why not??!

Now i know why so many of you people love this pigment! When you first look at it, it looks like a simple white pigment and kind of meh, but don't let that fool you!

Vanilla is a very unique pigment from MAC and also seems to be one of their most popular shades. I love how versatile MAC pigments are because you can use them for eyes, lips, cheeks, body or even mixing it with your foundation for a glow.

I have been using it as a highlighter for under my brown, cheekbones but also as an eyeshadow. The colour is much more complex than how it looks in the jar. It looks peach, gold and yellow depending on how the light catches it.

Luckily is doesn't have chunky glitter to it nor a frosty finish and is more a shimmery pigment. It has a beautiful sheen to it, which makes it very flattering to wear on any skin tone.

MAC Vanilla pigment is very smooth and easy to work with, sometimes i apply it with my fingers or a MAC 217 brush. This jar will go a very long way, but i did think the older MAC pigment packaging was more value for money.

Adding some MAC Fix + spray or Mixing Medium gives the pigment a vibrant colour and would look much more metallic when applied to the eyes. You can use this pigment wet or dry.

MAC pigments retail at £16.50 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you used MAC Vanilla pigment?

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