Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Favourite Concealers: Bobbi Brown & MAC Review & Swatches

I wanted to do a blog post on my concealers that i have and use. I know so many people get confused and overwhelmed by the various concealers there are.

I have always stuck with two brands, Bobbi Brown and MAC. I feel they are the closest colours to my skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Dark Bisque Corrector £17.00

This corrects any under eye darkness and feels very smooth to apply. It can be over applied and then it can crease in the lines. I normally use my ring finger and push the product into my skin. This is fabulous for people who suffer from dark under eye circles, as it will help even the skin tone out. This comes in two undertones, a bisque (pink undertone) or peach (yellow undertone).

Bobbi Brown Honey Concealer £17.00

The concealor can be used on blemished skin or if you want to cover up any discolouration you may have. This is also used on top of the corrector as it helps even out the colour corrector to your natural skin tone. Again, this is very creamy on the skin and you only need the most smallest amounts.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer £13.50

This is a long lasting concealer and on my combination skin, it can feel quite drying. This goes to a matte finish and i normally reach for this in the summer months when i need my concealer to stay put but also my skin is much oilier. The coverage of this is amazing and will cover anything you need on your face. I normally use a MAC 224 brush, as you can pick up too much product on your fingers.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer £13.50

Again this is a full coverage concealer, however it is much more creamier in texture. You will only need the tiniest amount, as a little bit goes a long way! This covers everything from blemishes to discolouration to tattoos. This is the concealer i have in my kit, as the results are incredible and gives a very natural finish.

MAC Select Moisturecover £13.50

I have been obsessed with using this concealer during the winter months, as my skin got much drier than it normally does. This was perfect for using under the eyes, as it was very moisturizing and not heavy at all. I found that it doesn't cover up major blemishes very well, when compared with the studio finish concealer. It covers up a small amount of discolouration, however when i had a horrible red blemish, it didn't cover it so well.

MAC Select Cover-Up £13.50

I love this concealer! When i am on freelance jobs, this is perfect for using under foundation to even out the skin much more. It has a very runny texture, which makes it so easy to blend. I normally use this with my MAC 224 brush. It brightens up the eye area very well and you don't need that much product at all.

Top-Bottom: Bobbi Brown Dark Bisque, Bobbi Brown Honey, MAC Studio Sculpt, MAC Studio Finish, MAC Select Moisturecover, MAC Select Cover-Up

MAC concealers can be purchased HERE and Bobbi Brown products HERE

Have you used any of these concealers? Or which other ones would you recommend?


  1. The Bobbi Brown ones look very nice. I'm interested in trying those. Unfortunately, MAC concealers have never worked for me :-( They either cake up on me or break me out. I recently got a Maq Pro 6 pan foundation palette, which takes care of my concealer & foundation needs. At $42 for 6 different shades in one case, it's a bargain. They make various 6 pan palettes for different skin tones, as well as lip, cheek & other massive pro palettes that cover every need possible. Love their stuff!

  2. Yes I've used most of these concealers, as my dark circles are very dark I have to use MAC bright forecast underneath the MAC concealers or the Dark Peach Corrector underneath the Honey concealer. I find the Bobbi Brown Concealer too heavy for everyday and I don't think I'm all too good at applying it as when I do I look too made up, having said that they are full coverage. I find it tends to crease as well. With the MAC concealers, they look better, I've also used the mineralise one which is nice. At the moment I'm using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer which is lovely as that is the only thing I have to put on, have you tried that one? Also what do you think to using YSL Touche Eclat as an under eye concealer?

  3. Which number/colour do you use with the mac studio finish concealer? :)