Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Japonesque Brow Kit Review

I jumped at the chance of trying some Japonesque* products and the one product that i was eager to try was the Brow Kit.

I love how it comes in a cute pink case and you have everything that you need to make you brows perfect! I have a really bad habit of always losing my tweezers, i have no idea how i lose them! This way i know where they are!

In the brow kit you recieve:

  • Tweezers
  • Brow Gel
  • Brow Stencils
  • 2 Brow Powders and Wax
I don't really like 'filling' in my brows. I prefer just to look more groomed and natural, as i am not keen on the drawn on brow look.

The brow powders are ideal for a natural look and will give the right amount of colour that you need for your brows. It comes with a mirror, as well as a mini brow brush and angled brush. This makes this ideal for carrying either in your handbag or when you're off on holiday. It's perfect for doing brows on the go, if you're that kinda girl! ;)

I am obsessed with keeping my brows in shape and have always used the MAC Clear Brow Gel, but i find by the end of the day my brows are not perfectly grommed! The Japonesque Clear Brow Gel keeps my brows in place all day and you can also double this up as a clear mascara.

In the brow kit, you will also get 3 brow stencils with different arches. With myself i don't really have to shape my brows, however this is great for girls who have recently started to shape their brows or for people who just wants to try out a different shape!

I have never used tweezers like the Japonesque ones. They are hand filed and it grips those teeny tiny hairs so easily. I have heard so many makeup artists praise Japonesque tweezers and now i know why!

This is the complete brow kit that all girls need. I can't believe how i have managed without such good tweezers! It hardly takes any space in my handbag and is very durable. The other great thing is that the brow powders can be used as eyeshadows and a liner on your upper lash line. The Japonesque Brow Kit is a must for everyone who wants effortlessly groomed brows. :)

Have any of you tried Japonesque products? What is your favourite?

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for review. I was not paid for this post, nor am i affiliated with them. This is my honest opinion, as always.

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  1. I also love brow powders coupled with a tinted wax & a clear gel to finish them off. I have several brow products that I use. For powders I use my own custom mix of pigments, as well as NYX's brow kit - 4 powders including a perfect under brow highlighter plus stencils/brush, an ELF brow kit which has a solid powder & a tinted wax, a Wet n Wild brow kit that has a clear wax with solid powders, and two brow setting gels. One from Tweezerman & one from Essence. I don't like the drawn on look either, which is why I prefer feathering powders into my brows after apply the wax. The wax helps the powder have extra staying power if applied before the powders. The combination of the gel & wax also helps them stay in place all day. I use a stiff, straight edged brush & a softer straight edged brush to blend everything out so my brows look defined but still natural. Somewhat shimmery brown toned pigments can work really well because they give the look of real hair highlights.