Monday, 30 July 2012

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

I had the lucky chance of being able to go away to Rome for a few days with a lovely friend of mine. I wanted to be out of the UK, just because of this horrendous summer we have been having.

Rome is full of so much history, culture and delicious food! I couldn't stop eating whilst i was there!

At the Spanish Steps



The Vatican

Fancy some pasta?
Trevi Fountain

I will certainly be returning back to Rome, as there is so much more to see and learn.

Until next time. xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Illamasqua Tweak Blush Review & Swatches

A couple of months back i had popped into Illamasqua on Beak Street and was lured to the blushers. I ended up purchasing a few products and couldn't resist the blusher in Tweak.

The packaging is sleek and classy, i just wished they had a mirror on the lid! It's easy to open and sturdy and doesn't look like it will break, unlike several of my MAC blushes :(

This blusher is a darker pinkier coral shade. The pigmentation is superb and you only need the smallest amount. It gives a natural flushed look to my cheeks and it is one of those shades that looks incredible on darker, olive skins. To be honest anyone can wear this shade, as long as you apply it with a light hand.

Now i have a problem that my blusher is the first to disappear from my face, however this blush stays put on my cheeks! It blends just like butter and is silky smooth to apply to the cheeks and there is no powdery residue left over.

Top: Heavily swatched. Bottom: Blended

I would recommend applying it with a MAC 187, tap the excess off and then lightly stiple on the colour. Apply with a very light hand, as it's easy to apply too much product.

I will definitely be bringing this blusher to wear as my summer colour :) Have any of you used Illamasqua blushers?

Illamasqua products can be purchased HERE

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stand Out Sunday. Figs & Rouge Balm

I received the Figs & Rouge Balm in my April's Glossy Box. At first i kinda left it to the side as i am always using my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour balm. One day i decided to try out the balm and was intrigued that you can use it all over you face, body and on the lips too!

I have the peppermint balm and when i apply it to my lips, it feels tingly and absorbs straight into my dry lips. You only need to apply a very small amount to the desired area.

As it says on the website, it's packed with essential oils, fatty acids and vitamin e. It also has shea butter and bees wax, which is so much better than using the 'petroleum' type lip balms. I love how it's made up of 100% natural ingredients and i would certainly pay the price for it.

It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and works wonders on dry patches. If you have dry cuticles, try rubbing some on before you go to sleep and they will be incredibly soft in the morning!

The tins are so cute with their packaging. The only problem with this balm is the fact that it can melt in hot weather, which is why i never took it to Spain!

I have to say i am loving this balm and normally i am quite fussy when it comes to lip balms!

Figs & Rouge Balms can be purchased from Boots, Asos, and Urban Outfitters. If you want any further information, you can go to their website HERE

Hope you all have a fab Sunday! x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Current Favourites

I thought i would share my current favourites! Ok, so the weather hasn't exactly been great the last few weeks, however i have had to change my makeup just because of the humidity! LOL!

Since coming back from Spain, i have had to change my foundation to another shade and also a lighter formula, so i chose the Makeup Forever Face & Body in shade 18. I have also been using my favourite tinted moisturizer by Bobbi Brown - you can't go wrong with Bobbi products.

I have fallen in love with the Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush in 'Pop'. I received so many compliments when wearing it, and it gives a 'i've just pinched my cheek' look. ;)

To be honest, this time of year i like to keep my makeup really natural, unless i am going out for the evening. My everyday essentials would definitely be the MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl. I always use this as a brow highlighter and for a wash of colour on my eyes, lips and cheeks, the NARS Multiple in Portofino is perfect!

The MAC Tendertone or Clinique Lip Sheer in Chic Honey are ideal for a summers day, as i don't like wearing something heavy in colour during the day.

My Kiko eyeliner is a must have! It's waterproof and smudge proof and ideal for the waterline on hot and humid days!

For a bit of colour on my lids, i have been using the Kiko eyeshadow and just applying it with my fingers for a light colour on my lids.

Left- Right: MAC Pearl, Clinqiue Chic Honey, MAC Tendertone Hot n Saucy, Kiko Pencil 603, NARS Portofino, Kiko Eyeshadow 126
Ok, so those are my products that i am loving at the moment. What are your current favourites?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Stand Out Sunday & Giveaway! Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

This has to be one of the best cleansers on this earth! I love coming home after a long day and using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, as this takes off every bit of makeup, oil, dirt and well the whole day basically!

I purchased the 100ml Starter Kit, as it comes with the 100ml cleanser and two muslin cloths. A 100ml pump lasts me nearly nine months, as i use it every other night.

I have used cleansers with muslin cloths before, for example the Eve Lom cleanser but i hated the smell of the product and had to stop using it. The Liz Earle cleanser has a refreshing eucalytpus frangrance and my skin just feels super clean when i have used this.

The muslin cloth is incredible, as you use it when its been in hot water. It feels as though i'm getting a mini facial, as the hot cloth just helps remove everything off my face whilst lightly exfoliating it too.

This doesn't dry out my skin and keeps it feeling soft. After i have used this, it helps creams and serums absorbing easily into my skin.

I will definately continue to use this product and the other bonus is the customer service that you recieve from the company. They are so helpful and are willing to do the extra bit for a customer. I am certainly sticking with them!

For the 100ml Pump Starter Kit, it costs £14.25 and can be purchased HERE


I am giving away a 100ml Starter Kit, which includes 100ml pump and two muslin cloths.

To have the chance of winning, all you need to do is:

  1. Be a follower on my blog (button above popular posts)
  2. Write a comment on THIS POST telling me what your favourite skin care product for summer is.
Terms & Conditions
  1. This is open internationally.
  2. It closes on the 31st of July 2012 at midnight GMT.
  3. Only one entry per day per account (you can enter everyday if you like!)
  4. The winner will be announced on the 1st of August 2012 on my blog.
Good luck! xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

La Femme Blushes Review & Swatches

Top, Left-Right: Terracota, Russet, Pink, Peach Sparkle, Fuschia.
Bottom, Left-Right: Red, Magenta, Redwood, Coral, Brick Red.
I came across these blushes because i had watched a video on youtube by the wonderful Gossmakeupartist and when hearing his reviews, i knew i wanted to try them!

La Femme blushes aren't very easy to get hold of in the UK and i know Genie Cosmetics sell them, however they don't have all the colours.

I decided to get mine from the USA and i purchased them for $2.50! Yes, you read that correctly! I only purchased 10 blushes, as i didn't want to get stuck with a hefty duty fee.

The pigmentation on these blushes are INSANE! These blushes come in both matte and shimmer, however the shimmer blushes are very subtle and doesn't overpower the blush.

There are about forty shades to choose from, and it was a very difficult choice to make, as they all seemed beautiful.

You hardly need any product at all, as the colour pay off is incredible. I apply these blushes with a MAC 187 brush, just because it picks up the right amount of product and is easy to stiple the colour onto the cheeks.

They wear extremely well and i personally think this is due to the rich pigmentation of the product. The only downside is the texture is a tiny bit powdery, so when you put your brush into the blush, there is excess powder left on the pan. I always tap of the excess from my brush, 'cos you don't want to end up looking like a clown!

Left-Right: Red, Magenta, Redwood, Coral, Brick Red.

Left-Right: Terracota, Russet, Pink, Peach Sparkle, Fuschia.

Overall, i am so pleased with these blushes and colours. The price you pay can not be beaten because the quality is outstanding! I will definitely be purchasing more for my makeup kit!

La Femme blushes can be purchased from Makeup Mania (USA) HERE or from Genie Cosmetics (UK) HERE

Have any of you tried La Femme blushes? What do you think?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Japonesque Brow Kit Review

I jumped at the chance of trying some Japonesque* products and the one product that i was eager to try was the Brow Kit.

I love how it comes in a cute pink case and you have everything that you need to make you brows perfect! I have a really bad habit of always losing my tweezers, i have no idea how i lose them! This way i know where they are!

In the brow kit you recieve:

  • Tweezers
  • Brow Gel
  • Brow Stencils
  • 2 Brow Powders and Wax
I don't really like 'filling' in my brows. I prefer just to look more groomed and natural, as i am not keen on the drawn on brow look.

The brow powders are ideal for a natural look and will give the right amount of colour that you need for your brows. It comes with a mirror, as well as a mini brow brush and angled brush. This makes this ideal for carrying either in your handbag or when you're off on holiday. It's perfect for doing brows on the go, if you're that kinda girl! ;)

I am obsessed with keeping my brows in shape and have always used the MAC Clear Brow Gel, but i find by the end of the day my brows are not perfectly grommed! The Japonesque Clear Brow Gel keeps my brows in place all day and you can also double this up as a clear mascara.

In the brow kit, you will also get 3 brow stencils with different arches. With myself i don't really have to shape my brows, however this is great for girls who have recently started to shape their brows or for people who just wants to try out a different shape!

I have never used tweezers like the Japonesque ones. They are hand filed and it grips those teeny tiny hairs so easily. I have heard so many makeup artists praise Japonesque tweezers and now i know why!

This is the complete brow kit that all girls need. I can't believe how i have managed without such good tweezers! It hardly takes any space in my handbag and is very durable. The other great thing is that the brow powders can be used as eyeshadows and a liner on your upper lash line. The Japonesque Brow Kit is a must for everyone who wants effortlessly groomed brows. :)

Have any of you tried Japonesque products? What is your favourite?

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for review. I was not paid for this post, nor am i affiliated with them. This is my honest opinion, as always.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stand Out Sunday Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex

Sorry that i haven't done any Stand out Sunday posts! Ok, this weeks favourite has to be the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex. Now i have been using this for about four months now. I was using Clinique All About Eyes, but i wanted more hydration for around my eye area and also to prevent premature aging!

I have been using this along with the Advanced Night Repair for the face. The texture is a serum like gel and absorbs very quickly into the skin. There is no oily or sticky feeling once applied.

This product helps dark under eye circles, dehydration, puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone.

The jar comes with a little applicator to take the product out of the jar, however clumsy me i lost mine! I have now resorted to using my ring finger, which is also the finger i apply it with. The packaging doesn't really bother me and comes in a little handy jar. Some germaphobes may hate having to stick their finger in.

What's my verdict? I adore this little brown jar! This makes my eye area so smooth and soft. It certainly helped with the dryness around my eye area, especially with the horrible winter we have just had. It is ideal for me as it does everything it says, even my dark circles have started to improve - a few early nights is a must for me though!

This retails for £36, but i have to say it is certainly worth every penny. I am only a quarter way through the jar, and is value for money in my opinion.

The Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream can be purchased HERE

Do any of you use Estee Lauder skin care? What are your must haves?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bollywood/Bridal Inspired Makeup Look

I know as it is summer (well the UK version of summer!), it means WEDDINGS! Yes, bridal season has come upon us once again and i wanted to create a beautiful, simple and elegant bridal look.

Many indian/asian brides still wear the traditional red and gold, however there are others who are opting for wearing different colours. I thought of using an old off white lengha as inspiration.

The tutorial is below :)


Hope you all enjoy! x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Favourite Concealers: Bobbi Brown & MAC Review & Swatches

I wanted to do a blog post on my concealers that i have and use. I know so many people get confused and overwhelmed by the various concealers there are.

I have always stuck with two brands, Bobbi Brown and MAC. I feel they are the closest colours to my skin tone.

Bobbi Brown Dark Bisque Corrector £17.00

This corrects any under eye darkness and feels very smooth to apply. It can be over applied and then it can crease in the lines. I normally use my ring finger and push the product into my skin. This is fabulous for people who suffer from dark under eye circles, as it will help even the skin tone out. This comes in two undertones, a bisque (pink undertone) or peach (yellow undertone).

Bobbi Brown Honey Concealer £17.00

The concealor can be used on blemished skin or if you want to cover up any discolouration you may have. This is also used on top of the corrector as it helps even out the colour corrector to your natural skin tone. Again, this is very creamy on the skin and you only need the most smallest amounts.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer £13.50

This is a long lasting concealer and on my combination skin, it can feel quite drying. This goes to a matte finish and i normally reach for this in the summer months when i need my concealer to stay put but also my skin is much oilier. The coverage of this is amazing and will cover anything you need on your face. I normally use a MAC 224 brush, as you can pick up too much product on your fingers.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer £13.50

Again this is a full coverage concealer, however it is much more creamier in texture. You will only need the tiniest amount, as a little bit goes a long way! This covers everything from blemishes to discolouration to tattoos. This is the concealer i have in my kit, as the results are incredible and gives a very natural finish.

MAC Select Moisturecover £13.50

I have been obsessed with using this concealer during the winter months, as my skin got much drier than it normally does. This was perfect for using under the eyes, as it was very moisturizing and not heavy at all. I found that it doesn't cover up major blemishes very well, when compared with the studio finish concealer. It covers up a small amount of discolouration, however when i had a horrible red blemish, it didn't cover it so well.

MAC Select Cover-Up £13.50

I love this concealer! When i am on freelance jobs, this is perfect for using under foundation to even out the skin much more. It has a very runny texture, which makes it so easy to blend. I normally use this with my MAC 224 brush. It brightens up the eye area very well and you don't need that much product at all.

Top-Bottom: Bobbi Brown Dark Bisque, Bobbi Brown Honey, MAC Studio Sculpt, MAC Studio Finish, MAC Select Moisturecover, MAC Select Cover-Up

MAC concealers can be purchased HERE and Bobbi Brown products HERE

Have you used any of these concealers? Or which other ones would you recommend?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Illamasqua Neutral Palette Dupe: Sleek Au Naturel I-Divine Palette

Recently, i had purchased the Illamasqua Natural Palette. Blog post can be viewed HERE

However, i know that £30 for a four eyeshadow palette can be a bit steep, so i had been searching around and found the perfect dupe! :)

The Sleek Au Naturel Palette is the ideal dupe and only costs £6.99! Bargain! I have all the other Sleek Palettes and they are highly pigmented eyeshadows. For £6.99 you are getting 12 eyeshadows in a palette! 

I have never had any problem with Sleek eyeshadows and even on my oily eyelids they do not crease (i do use Urban Decay Primer Potion).

Left: Illamasqua Palette. Right: Sleek Au Naturel Palette

You can see from the swatches the colours are slightly different especially the olive shimmer eyeshadow in the middle, but only slightly. Also the matte brown from the Illamasqua Palette is much warmer than that from the Sleek Au Naturel Palette.

Sleek Palettes can be purchased from Superdrug and on the Sleek website HERE

Overall i think this is a fantastic dupe and it's great that it's only a quarter of the price!

I hope this has been helpful! :)