Sunday, 3 June 2012

Stand Out Sunday! MAC Paint Pots Review & Swatches

I love using MAC Paint Pots and the fact that the product lasts forever is another bonus! I have picked my top five paint pots and you can see Blackground and Constructivist have been used quite a lot!

They come in glass jars and the downside is that if you accidentally drop the jar, then it can be chipped or even broken. The other issue that i have is the black lids do not screw on properly and the product starts drying up! It's so frustrating and a pain in the backside, especially when you are no where near to finishing the product!

Top: Constructivist, Blackground. Middle: Painterly. Bottom: Bare Study, Indianwood.
These paint pots can be used as simple eyeshadows or as primers. If you are using them as eyeshadow, then you have to blend it straight away because it will start to dry as soon as you apply them to the lids.

When i am using them as a primer, i just use my fingers and lightly blend. However, when i want to use it as an eyeshadow, i would apply it with a MAC 217 blending brush. I find using this brush applies the eyeshadow evenly and gives a nice blended look.

These paint pots are great for everyone but particularly for those who have oily eyelids and eyeshadows always crease! I, myself have very oily lids and always have to use a primer. Paint pots do not crease on my eyelids, whether i am using it as a primer or as an eyeshadow.

My base is normally Painterly and when i put on a powder eyeshadow on top, it makes the colour much more vibrant. The powder eyeshadow clings better onto the paint pots in general.

I have noticed that the matte shades are a tad bit more drying and thicker in texture. The frost and satins ones seemed more creamier and smoother to apply.

I love using Constructivist as a quick smokey eye. I apply this on my eyelid and along my bottom lash line. Smudge some kohl liner and pop on a bit of mascara and waheyy you have a super quick smokey eye makeup!

Top-Bottom: Constructivist, Blackground, Painterly, Bare Study. On the side: Indianwood

MAC Paint Pots cost £14.50 and can be purchased HERE

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Have any of you used the MAC Paint Pots? What do you think?

I hope you are all having a fab Jubilee weekend! x

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  1. I love paint pots! Love Rubenesque for a quick, on the go look. Love your blog and your style. You are one of my favorite bloggers. keep up the great work! blessings