Friday, 8 June 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 Palettes Review & Swatches

I have heard so much about the NEW Sleek Blush palettes and had been trying so hard to get my mitts on them! Every time i went to Superdrug, they were always SOLD OUT! Eventually i thought, you know what i will order it online, STRESS FREE shopping! :)

I had placed my order with Sleek and received my lovely parcel a few days later.

I was amazed when i opened the blush palettes......they were incredibly pigmented and there is a mixture of matte and shimmer blushers in each palette.

I had heard that these were limited edition, which is why i was so eager to buy them. They retail for £10 and can still be purchased on the Sleek website HERE

For 3 blushers, £10 is an absolute bargain. These blushers can be worn alone or mixed with each other to give a different look......fabulous for all occasions. :D

There are 5 different palettes to choose from:
Pink Sprint

These palettes are great for everyone, but even ideal for a freelance makeup artist like myself. It saves so much space in my kit and i have 15 colours to choose from when working on a client.

Pumpkin Palette

Pumpkin Swatch

Sugar Palette

Sugar Swatch

Flame Palette

Flame Swatch

Lace Palette

Lace Swatch

Pink Sprint Palette

Pink Sprint Swatch

Overall, i am so pleased with these products. The colour pay off and pigmentation is excellent and its wonderful to find blushers suitable for more tanned and darker skin tones.

Do any of you have the Sleek Blush By 3 palettes? Which trio is your favourite?


  1. From the swatches it seems that the Sugar palette would be most suitable for your own skin tone. I wear the same color foundations as you do so I'm seeking your recommendation for the Sleek Brand.

  2. Love the Lace & the Pink palettes! I recently ordered a Sleek blush from eBay in Flamingo, a single, and am absolutely amazed by it. Incredibly pigmented, tons of product for the price, beautiful color, great packaging. I love everything about it. I'll be ordering more, including the palettes if they're still available, in the very near future. They just can't be beat for the insanely low price.