Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Batiste Dry Shampoo

Recently i was flying out from Gatwick Airport and needed to purchase some travel toiletries. I popped to Boots, and they had a 3 for 2 offer on minature toiletries! Yippeee! I ended up getting my normal shampoo and conditioner but one thing i hate is washng my hair everyday. I try to wash my hair every couple of days or so. However, i know when you're away, you're doing much more activities etc and need to wash hair more often :(

I then saw the travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo and i had heard so much about it. I have black hair and the one thing that used to put me off dry shampoos was the white residue it would leave on my hair - so not a good look! In the end i bought the 30g in 'Blush'.

This dry shampoo is OUT OF THIS WORLD! It leaves no horrible white residue on my hair and my hair feels clean and refreshed. The smell of this is not overpowering at all and reminds me of clean smelling hair.....if that makes any sense?!

All i do is shake the can, spray it into my roots and leave it for a few seconds and then brush as normal! So quick, simple and easy to use. Will save so much time for me in the morning or when i am on holiday again and not spending precious moments washing my hair! Ha ha!

I will be repurchasing the larger size and i want to try the cherry one, as i love sweet fragrances!!! :)

Have any of you tried Batiste? What scents would you recommend?

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  1. Haven't tried this but I sometimes use just plain silica powder in my hair like a dry shampoo. My hair is dark reddish brown & it doesn't leave a white cast to my hair at all. I just buy the silica bulk - which I also use in my face powder blend - from places like Coastal Scents. It's dirt cheap, effective, multipurpose. I don't like synthetic fragrances so if I want some scent afterwards, I just lightly mist a floral hydrosol over my hair to freshen it up.