Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes - Swatches & Review

I had heard a lot about Inglot eyeshadows and they caught my attention when people had been comparing them to MAC ones, so i thought hmmmmm lets give them a go. The only problem is, that the Inglot Store is in Westfield, London and there are no other stores in the UK!

After a lot of searching on the internet for swatches, i placed my order on their website. The website itself was easy to use, however the colours of the eyeshadows were not exactly shown in the best way! Also, when choosing the eyeshadows, there was a basket box that would follow me every time i scrolled down the page. This was kind of annoying and it would have been easier to have a basket on the side, so that you knew what you were placing in it. Nonetheless, the delivery was super quick and i had received my order within 2 days! :)

I purchased two x10 square eyeshadow palettes and then twenty eyeshadows to fill up the palettes as well.

My first impressions of the products was how heavy the empty palettes were but i was impressed with the strength of the magnetic system! The eyeshadows are much more bigger in size (average 2.7g) compared with the MAC eyeshadows (1.5g)

I was SUPER impressed by the price of the refill eyeshadows, as they only cost £4.50 (apart from the Rainbow Refills, that are £6). OMG! MAC ones cost over double the price! The palettes themselves cost £10 and again, comparing them to the MAC Palettes which are £11.50.

I love the sturdiness of these palettes. They are extremely durable and a tad bit on the heavier side (so not great if you're on the go a lot). It comes with a frosted magnetic lid, that stays on. I have already managed to drop my palettes and all my eyeshadows were fine! I can't say that about other palettes.

The eyeshadows come in 5 finishes:
  • Matte - Matte finish.
  • Pearl - Iridescent finish with a silky, smooth texture. Very easy to blend.
  • DS - A matte eyeshadow with double sparkles, microsparkles.
  • Shine - Very pigmented with a frosty finish. Has much more of a sheen than the pearl finishes.
  • AMC - Advanced Makeup Component with a satin finish and is extremely pigmented.

Inglot products can be purchased from Westfield in London (not Westfield Stratford) and on their website HERE

The eyeshadows are super pigmented and smooth to apply and blend. I love the fact that the price is reasonable for the quality of the product.

Overall, I would highly recommend Inglot! The products are amazing and the wide range of colours that they have to offer is unbelievable, so there is something for everyone.

Top: 471DS, 419P, 433P, 44S, 418P. Bottom: 414P, 444P, 40S, 434P, 498DS.

Left-Right: 471DS, 419P, 433P, 44S, 418P.
Left-Right: 414P, 444P, 40S, 434P, 498DS.
Top: 402P, 422P, 409P, 421P, 112R. Bottom: 420P, 459DS, 465DS, 37S, 120R.
Left-Right: 402P, 422P, 409P, 421P.

Left-Right: 420P, 459DS, 465DS, 37S.

 Have any of you got Ingot Palettes or eyeshadows? Which colour should i purchase next? 


  1. these look so pretty! There's an ingot store in Chicago, but I haven't been able to visit it yet!

  2. If you go there is so many products, colours and textures to choose from! I always feel like i'm a child in a sweet store! xx

  3. Ooooohhhhhh mmaaaaannnnnn! Just added more to my list! Thanks for the gorgeous swatches!!

  4. The ones labeled as R stand for?? Rainbow? LOL Whatever it stands for, I'm adding some of these to my list as well! Love love love the pearls & the mattes! I've already got a running list but keep adding more. I'm already well over 40!

  5. Thanks for the hard work you have put in. :-)