Sunday, 27 May 2012

Stand Out Sunday Giveaway! Bobbi Brown Cabana Coral Lip Gloss

Many of you know that i am a huge fan of Bobbi Brown products, especially their lipglosses.

I like the formula of these lip glosses, as they are kind of sticky but that's what makes it last longer on the lips. The other great thing is that there is no fragrance or 'taste'. I like my glosses to not taste of anything and sometimes find other glosses to be overwhelming with their fragrances.

This is a very sheer pinky, coral colour. I would suggest if you are looking for a more stronger coral colour from the Bobbi Brown collection, then Tangerine would be your best bet.

Cabana Coral goes well with all skin tones and can be layered over lipsticks due to it being quite sheer.

The sheer lip glosses are infused with soothing botanical extracts which keep lips hydrated. It feel incredibly moisturizing on my lips and they do not dry out! Woo hoo!  The doe foot applicator is much better instead of the previous brush applicator. They use to fray and was awful trying to apply lip gloss!

Bobbi Brown lip glosses cost £17 and can be purchased HERE

Swatches and GIVEAWAY details below:

In natural light
With flash


This week i am giving away a BRAND NEW Bobbi Brown Cabana Lip Gloss.

If you would like the chance of winning, all you need to do is:

  1. Be a follower of my Blog. (The button above Popular Posts)
  2. Write ONE comment below telling me what your favourite Bobbi Brown product is or if you're new to the brand, which Bobbi Brown product you would like to try first!
Terms & Conditions
  • The giveaway closes on the 11th of June 2012 at 11.59 GMT.
  • Is open worldwide.
  • The winner will be chosen at random from the comments below and announced on the 15th of June 2012.
  • Please do not post anonymously, as i will not know you you are! 
Good luck to everyone! xx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Beyonce Why Don't You Love Me Inspired Makeup

When I saw the video by Beyonce, i knew i wanted to do the makeup! She looks beautiful and her makeup is STUNNING!

The tutorial is below:

Products Used:
Makeup Forever HD Foundation (153+173)
MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealor
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

NARS Casino Bronzer

MAC Showstopper

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC e/s Pride, Greystone, Showstopper,Print, White Frost
Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Eyeliner
L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes
MAC Feline Eyeliner
MAC 12 Lashes

Tom Ford Pink Adobe Lipstick

What do you all think of it? I hope you all liked it? xx

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palettes - Swatches & Review

I had heard a lot about Inglot eyeshadows and they caught my attention when people had been comparing them to MAC ones, so i thought hmmmmm lets give them a go. The only problem is, that the Inglot Store is in Westfield, London and there are no other stores in the UK!

After a lot of searching on the internet for swatches, i placed my order on their website. The website itself was easy to use, however the colours of the eyeshadows were not exactly shown in the best way! Also, when choosing the eyeshadows, there was a basket box that would follow me every time i scrolled down the page. This was kind of annoying and it would have been easier to have a basket on the side, so that you knew what you were placing in it. Nonetheless, the delivery was super quick and i had received my order within 2 days! :)

I purchased two x10 square eyeshadow palettes and then twenty eyeshadows to fill up the palettes as well.

My first impressions of the products was how heavy the empty palettes were but i was impressed with the strength of the magnetic system! The eyeshadows are much more bigger in size (average 2.7g) compared with the MAC eyeshadows (1.5g)

I was SUPER impressed by the price of the refill eyeshadows, as they only cost £4.50 (apart from the Rainbow Refills, that are £6). OMG! MAC ones cost over double the price! The palettes themselves cost £10 and again, comparing them to the MAC Palettes which are £11.50.

I love the sturdiness of these palettes. They are extremely durable and a tad bit on the heavier side (so not great if you're on the go a lot). It comes with a frosted magnetic lid, that stays on. I have already managed to drop my palettes and all my eyeshadows were fine! I can't say that about other palettes.

The eyeshadows come in 5 finishes:
  • Matte - Matte finish.
  • Pearl - Iridescent finish with a silky, smooth texture. Very easy to blend.
  • DS - A matte eyeshadow with double sparkles, microsparkles.
  • Shine - Very pigmented with a frosty finish. Has much more of a sheen than the pearl finishes.
  • AMC - Advanced Makeup Component with a satin finish and is extremely pigmented.

Inglot products can be purchased from Westfield in London (not Westfield Stratford) and on their website HERE

The eyeshadows are super pigmented and smooth to apply and blend. I love the fact that the price is reasonable for the quality of the product.

Overall, I would highly recommend Inglot! The products are amazing and the wide range of colours that they have to offer is unbelievable, so there is something for everyone.

Top: 471DS, 419P, 433P, 44S, 418P. Bottom: 414P, 444P, 40S, 434P, 498DS.

Left-Right: 471DS, 419P, 433P, 44S, 418P.
Left-Right: 414P, 444P, 40S, 434P, 498DS.
Top: 402P, 422P, 409P, 421P, 112R. Bottom: 420P, 459DS, 465DS, 37S, 120R.
Left-Right: 402P, 422P, 409P, 421P.

Left-Right: 420P, 459DS, 465DS, 37S.

 Have any of you got Ingot Palettes or eyeshadows? Which colour should i purchase next? 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral

All of you know how much i love my corals and this week, i saw a tiny bit of sunshine here in the UK, so i decided to whip out my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral.

This is a very bright, vivid coral and compliments tanned skin beautifully. Whenever i have used this on clients, their face is just full of horror. However, once applied, it looks fresh, youthful and gives skin a healthy natural glow.

This is a firm favourite of mine and always reminds me of the time i went backpacking, as i took very little makeup with me. I love using this, as it's such a summery colour and really accentuates the natural skin tone.

The pictures above are of the old packaging as now it is a flip top lid with a mirror.

The consistency of this product is like butter! It is so easy to apply but the one thing i will warn you about is that it's easy to pick up too much product on your fingers. You only need the smallest amount.

The finish on the skin almost feels like satin, as it's not fully matte but isn't dewy either....kind of an in between.

I love layering this with Bobbi Brown blush in Apricot. I have very oily skin and when it comes to the summer my blush is GONE. By layering a cream blush with a powder blush over the top, it makes it last much longer on my skin.

This also doubles up as a lip product but it doesn't last the longest on the lips and unfortunately for me, feels very drying on the lips. If you are going to use this on your lips, i would suggest you use a lip balm prior to applying it.

Top: Heavily swatched. Bottom: Blended

How to apply:
  • Warm the product up between your fingers. The heat makes it much more easier to apply.
  • Now, SMILE! Place two dots, one on the apple of your cheek and the other just slightly towards your cheekbone.
  • Gently blend outwards with your fingers starting with the dot on the apple of your cheeks.
  • Carry on blending until it looks like a natural flush of colour.

This is me wearing Calypso Coral whilst i was in Brazil, so i have more of a tan here!

The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges are £18 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you tried the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges? Which one is your favourite?

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Illamasqua Neutral Palette Review & Swatches

Recently i was in London and knew i had to pop to the Illamasqua Store on Beak Street. I wanted to check out the new collection from the Human Fundamentalism and especially play around with the NEW Neutral Palette.

As soon as i saw it, i had to have it and the makeup artist who was helping me was so helpful and informative! I loved the service i received there and the artist really took her time explaining the products to me.

As you all know i love heavy eye makeup and this palette was perfect for me. It is so versatile that you can use the colours on an everyday basis for work or university but then if you're going out for the evening, you can wear it much more heavier.

The palette has four colours, three of them are MATTE and one which is a SHIMMER.

Stealth - This is a very light flesh coloured matte eyeshadow and reminds me a lot of Bobbi Brown Bone. This colour i would only use as a base or under my brow for s subtle highlight.

Wolf - My favourite shade out of the whole palette! This is an olive with a mixture of an antique gold and is a beautiful shimmery shade. This applies so smoothly to the skin. 

Vintage - A chocolate matt brown shade. I would wear this in my crease for a day time look but also the perfect colour to fill in my brows. Feels very satiny on the skin when applied.

Obsidian - The blackest of blackest shade! Ideal for creating super smokey eyes but also using as a liner for people who just want to define their top lash line instead of using liquid/gel liners.

From Top-Bottom: Stealth, Wolf, Vintage, Obsidian

Overall i love this palette and have the feeling i will be reaching for it a lot! The size is so practical to keep in my handbag or for traveling. It has the basic colours any girl would need.

The palette is available HERE and retails at £30.

Have you purchased anything from the Human Fundamentalism range? If so what did you get?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Batiste Dry Shampoo

Recently i was flying out from Gatwick Airport and needed to purchase some travel toiletries. I popped to Boots, and they had a 3 for 2 offer on minature toiletries! Yippeee! I ended up getting my normal shampoo and conditioner but one thing i hate is washng my hair everyday. I try to wash my hair every couple of days or so. However, i know when you're away, you're doing much more activities etc and need to wash hair more often :(

I then saw the travel size Batiste Dry Shampoo and i had heard so much about it. I have black hair and the one thing that used to put me off dry shampoos was the white residue it would leave on my hair - so not a good look! In the end i bought the 30g in 'Blush'.

This dry shampoo is OUT OF THIS WORLD! It leaves no horrible white residue on my hair and my hair feels clean and refreshed. The smell of this is not overpowering at all and reminds me of clean smelling hair.....if that makes any sense?!

All i do is shake the can, spray it into my roots and leave it for a few seconds and then brush as normal! So quick, simple and easy to use. Will save so much time for me in the morning or when i am on holiday again and not spending precious moments washing my hair! Ha ha!

I will be repurchasing the larger size and i want to try the cherry one, as i love sweet fragrances!!! :)

Have any of you tried Batiste? What scents would you recommend?

Monday, 7 May 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

Hello everyone!

Sorry my Stand Out Sunday post is a day late, have been having major problems with our internet connection!

I have been using this for over a year now and i have to say i am super impressed! My hair is naturally thick and wavy, however when i put this product into it, it will go curly! I am trying to grow my hair, as i had a very short bob last year!

As the weather has been kind of grotty lately, i have been testing this oil on my hair and seeing how it withstands to the rainy, damp weather.

Normally, as soon as i go out and it's raining, my previously straightened hair turns into a frizzy ball of mess! I'm not joking either!

Using the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment, i have been receiving so many compliments about my hair. This makes my hair feel super soft, looks smooth and sleek and tames the frizziness. My hair doesn't go frizzy in the rain (i do wear a hood or use an umbrella) and i have tried and tested this in humid weather in Argentina. :D

This is a fabulous product and the 125ml bottle will last you ages, as i am not even half way through the bottle yet! I normally only use one pump, as my hair is only shoulder length and sometimes i use it on dry hair, when i have wispy fly a ways.

I will definitely be repurchasing this once it finishes as my hair just looks amazing and i don't need to add any other products. :)

The Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment retails for £25.45 for 125ml and can be purchase from Feel Unique.

Have any of you tried the Macadamia hair products? What do you think?

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia & Grapefruit Colgone Review


I had purchased this a while back and i had heard so much about Jo Malone Colognes and wanted to get on the bandwagon!

The two colognes that came in the set was English Pear & Freesia and Grapefruit.

I don't remember how much i had spent on the set, but they retail individually for £36 each for 30ml. They can be purchased HERE

When i went into Jo Malone, they explained about fragrance layering. I know about layering with perfumes and they're body lotion, or body wash counterparts but didn't realize i could do it with different fragrances. This means you can create your own signature scent.

I apply a spritz of the English Pear & Freesia and layer it with the Grapefruit. The English Pear gives a sweet, cool aroma and the Grapefruit is a very uplifting, fresh and sparkling scent.

The scents last all day on me, normally perfume is gone half way through the day!

Do any of you have Jo Malone fragrances? What is your signature scent?

Have a great day my lovelies!