Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stand Out Sunday! MAC Dazzleglass Roman Holiday

I have fallen in love with the MAC Dazzleglass in Roman Holiday. I have so many other lipglosses from MAC but this shade really surprised me. I have been wearing this non stop!

When i first saw it in the tube, i thought hmmmm just looks like a light bronzy colour.......nothing fancy there. I was wrong! Once i had swatched it, i saw how unique the colour was and ohhh emmm geee!!

I have never seen a shade like this before. It's a combination of a peach and brown with fuchsia shimmer. This gloss is fabulous to wear alone, however it is quite sticky but that is what makes it last longer on the lips.

I love how there's a subtle glitter left over on my lips once it has worn off....or am i just being sad?!

Layering this over lipstick looks very flattering, as the glitter adds another dimension to the lipstick.

Roman Holiday looks striking on tanned, olive, asian skins and is perfect as a summer shade.

This is definately a colour i am going to be wearing over the next few months! Lets just hope we have a sizzling summer so it matches the lipgloss ;)

MAC Dazzleglass is £16.50 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you tried Roman Holiday or any of the other MAC Dazzleglass?


  1. oooh this shade looks lovely to layer over lipsticks! will check it out!
    Love your blog posts and youtube vids! :D

  2. It's such a gorgeous colour! Aaaah thank you for stopping by! xx

  3. Lawdy lawdy.....this is fantabulously incredible! I wonder if I could pull this shade off with my pasty skin?? I'll be trying to hunt this one down for sure!