Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Kiko Brush Cleanser

I have been loving this new brush cleanser! I discovered this recently whilst visiting Kiko Cosmetics.

This retails for £5.90 and can be found on their website HERE

Normally i use the MAC Brush Cleanser or Johnson's Baby Shampoo to deep clean my brushes. I had been searching for a spray on brush cleanser that was quick and easy to use and waheeeey i found one!

This brush cleanser does exactly what it says and it is super cheap, which is an added bonus!

Now after every use, i can clean my brushes. I even cleaned my MAC 239 eyeshadow brush, which had black eyeshadow all of over it and it cleaned it so well! There was no trace of black eyeshadow on my brush. I am a happy bunny! :D

It was very frustrating that i had to wash my brushes every night and then leave them to dry overnight. With the Kiko one, i just quickly spray on some cleanser and wipe it on a tissue. This meant i could use that same brush straight away - it had no residue or wetness on the bristles.

Hope that has been helpful :)

What brush cleansers do you all use?

All my love

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  1. I made my own spray on brush cleanser a couple of years back that works exactly like this. Very cheap to make & super effective. Saves a lot of time between washes. MAC's brush cleaner is crazily expensive & a total waste of $$ IMO. I made a huge bottle of my own for just pennies & used an empty Ojon spritzing bottle I had on hand.

    Funny, when I convert your currency to mine, that still looks like a pretty expensive product LOL Women in the UK pay far too much for cosmetics & related items. It's shocking to me to see the prices you guys are stuck with over there!