Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Kiko Brush Cleanser

I have been loving this new brush cleanser! I discovered this recently whilst visiting Kiko Cosmetics.

This retails for £5.90 and can be found on their website HERE

Normally i use the MAC Brush Cleanser or Johnson's Baby Shampoo to deep clean my brushes. I had been searching for a spray on brush cleanser that was quick and easy to use and waheeeey i found one!

This brush cleanser does exactly what it says and it is super cheap, which is an added bonus!

Now after every use, i can clean my brushes. I even cleaned my MAC 239 eyeshadow brush, which had black eyeshadow all of over it and it cleaned it so well! There was no trace of black eyeshadow on my brush. I am a happy bunny! :D

It was very frustrating that i had to wash my brushes every night and then leave them to dry overnight. With the Kiko one, i just quickly spray on some cleanser and wipe it on a tissue. This meant i could use that same brush straight away - it had no residue or wetness on the bristles.

Hope that has been helpful :)

What brush cleansers do you all use?

All my love

Friday, 27 April 2012

HUGE MAC Makeup Giveaway!

Top row (left-right) This & That, Thunder & Rain, Pretty & Prim
Bottom row (left-right) Mix & Switch, Sage & Wisdom, One To Watch

MAC Superslick Liquid Eyeliner - Defiantly Feline
MAC Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Mascara
MAC Cremesheen Glass - Right Image
MAC Prep+Primer - Future Length Lash Serum

How to enter:
  1. Be a follower on my Twitter - HERE
  2. Retweet my giveaway

The giveaway closes on the 16th of May 2012 at 11.59pm GMT.
The winner will be announced around the 17th/18th of May on Facebook and Twitter.
If you are under the age of 18, please have permission from your parents before entering.
The winner will be chosen at random.
This is open internationally.

GOOD LUCK to everyone!!!! :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

NARS Multiple Duo Maui/Palm Beach Review & Swatch

I am a big fan of NARS and had to pick up their multiple duos, as it's one of their most popular products ever. Actually more like a cult product!

The multiples are oil free and have a cream to powder finish. This is fab for people with more oiler skins!

I decided to purchase Maui/Palm Beach, which is a dusty rose and rich bronzy colour.

This retails at £33 and can be purchased HERE

It comes in the classic NARS packaging with a mirror, fab for using on the go!

The advantage with the multiples, is that you can use them on your cheeks, lips and eyes. Great product for taking on holiday as it won't take up much space but to carry in your handbag as well.

All colours are light weight and super easy to blend, giving your skin a beautiful and healthy glow.

Top Swatch: Maui. Bottom Swatch: Palm Beach

How i apply NARS multiples

  • Warm up the product using your fingers and then apply a little bit at a time. 
  • If you are wanting to define your cheeks, then apply the darker colour below your cheekbones and blend into the skin.
  • Using the 'blush' colour, lightly apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend.
  • For a glowy, dewy look, use any sort of highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

Have any of you tried the NARS multiples? If so, which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Chanel Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

Meet the Chanel Summer 2012 collection! I am excited about these products, as i love coral shades! I love their lip products, especially the Rouge Coco Shines.

The new collection is perfect for the upcoming summer season, with shades ranging from soft pastels to bright corals.

Luminous Bronzing Powder
Sable Beige - Golden Beige
Sable Bronze - Golden Pink

Eyeshadow Duo/Eye Pencils
Sable Emouvant - Beige & Brown
Peche Cuivre - Coppery Peach
Brun Intense - Deep Brown

Nail Colour
Island - Golden Beige
Delight - Bronze
Holiday - Bright Coral

Rouge Coco Shine/Glossimers
Empreinte - Soft Beige
En Vogue - Bright Coral
Sirocco - Beige
Calypso - Coral

This will be available in the UK from May 2012.

What do you think of the new products?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lipstick Review & Swatches

I am seriously in love with Tom Ford lipsticks and had to include this beautiful shade on my blog!

Tom Ford has an incredible reputation when it comes to their lipsticks. They retail at £36 which is pretty steep for a lipstick but this shade is worth every penny.

The packaging is sleek black. It looks sophisticated and chic when you pull it out of your makeup bag. In my eyes it is very simple packaging but the gold rim adds that bit 'extra'.

Their lipsticks are luxurious, creamy and has an astonishing colour pay off. Tom Ford uses rare ingredients such as soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, which gives these gorgeous lipsticks an ultra creamy texture and long last finish.

Violet Fatale is very similar to Moroccan Rouge, which was discontinued. However Violet Fatale has more of a blue undertone. I would say this shade is slightly lighter and pinkier than Moroccan Rouge but i love both!

This glides on my lips effortlessly and many people have asked which colour i am wearing on my lips when i am out and about.

Fortunately this wears off evenly (if only things lasted forever eh?), so whilst you eating no need to worry about you lippy girls!

This lipstick keeps my lips surprisingly soft and the colour suits most skin tones beautifully.

I have been slowly adding other Tom Ford lipsticks to my makeup collection because i am just impressed with the quality of the product. Yes the price does hurt, but I have become a Tom Ford lipstick addict!

Have any of you tried Tom Ford lipsticks?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Stand Out Sunday! MAC Dazzleglass Roman Holiday

I have fallen in love with the MAC Dazzleglass in Roman Holiday. I have so many other lipglosses from MAC but this shade really surprised me. I have been wearing this non stop!

When i first saw it in the tube, i thought hmmmm just looks like a light bronzy colour.......nothing fancy there. I was wrong! Once i had swatched it, i saw how unique the colour was and ohhh emmm geee!!

I have never seen a shade like this before. It's a combination of a peach and brown with fuchsia shimmer. This gloss is fabulous to wear alone, however it is quite sticky but that is what makes it last longer on the lips.

I love how there's a subtle glitter left over on my lips once it has worn off....or am i just being sad?!

Layering this over lipstick looks very flattering, as the glitter adds another dimension to the lipstick.

Roman Holiday looks striking on tanned, olive, asian skins and is perfect as a summer shade.

This is definately a colour i am going to be wearing over the next few months! Lets just hope we have a sizzling summer so it matches the lipgloss ;)

MAC Dazzleglass is £16.50 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you tried Roman Holiday or any of the other MAC Dazzleglass?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Origins Brighter by Nature High-potency Brightening Peel With Fruit Acids

Many of you will know that i suffer from uneven skin, so i am always looking for the next best thing!

I had recently discovered the Origins Brighter By Nature Range and there was one particular product that caught my eye. It was the High-potency brightening peel with fruit acids and ok i know what you guys are peeling?!

It's not the type of peeling that literally peels off your skin! This amazing product has 40 wipes in the tub which are already saturated with the active ingredients.

The fruit ingredients are blueberry, goji berry and grape seed extract, known elements for skin tone correcting. With this natural exfoliation, it reveals fresh, new skin, which is more radiant.

It retails at £30 and can be purchased HERE

Occasionally having blemishes can leave my skin scarred and it's very difficult to get it 'more even'.

Recently i had the worst breakout that i have had in a long time (stress related). There was one large blemish that had left a horrible dark scar on my cheek :(

I had started to use this product twice a week before i went to bed. I noticed a change in the texture of my skin, it felt much more softer, and the scar had slowly started to disappear! Yippee :D

Please understand that there is not a product on this earth that can zap scars overnight and the key is patience :)

I still use a cream in the morning with SPF 25 in it and i would highly recommend that to anyone who is thinking of using this product.

This is great for people who are suffering from dark spots, hyper pigmentation and discoloration.

Have any of you used this product or from this range? What do you think of it?

Ciao for now

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bobbi Brown Sheer Colour Lipgloss - Citrus/Cosmic Pink/Ultra Violet Review & Swatches

These lipglosses are described as a sheer lipgloss. They have a slight hint of colour and are great for people who love a hint of colour on their lips.

There are three new colours Citrus, Ultra Violet and Cosmic Pink, which have been added to the permanent range. They retail for £17 and can be purchased HERE

I prefer wearing sheerer colours on my lips, especially in the warmer months. They feel a bit tacky on the lips but all Bobbi Brown glosses have the same 'sticky' feeling. These glosses normally last on my lips for a couple of hours and didn't dry out my lips.

All three of these glosses have a minty taste. These shades are suitable for all skin tones and are not opaque at all.

You can wear these alone or over lipstick. I think the Ultra Violet will look fabulous layered over a bright pink lipstick, as it will enhance the pink ;)

Have of you girlies tried any of the Bobbi Brown Lipglosses? If so, what do you think?

Until next time chicas

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stand Out Sunday! Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Stand Out Sunday you ask?! Well, i decided that every Sunday i will choose one product that i have consistently been using that week or rather been obsessed with!

For me the week ends on a Sunday, so by the end of the week i would know whether it is a product that would really stand out.....hence Stand Out Sunday :)

So my first Stand Out Sunday is, drum roll please.......... Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15.

As the weather is getting warmer, i don't really like wearing foundations unless it is for a more special event for example weddings etc.

There are so many tinted moisturizers out there, so why did i choose the Bobbi Brown one? Well first of all i love products from Bobbi Brown and the ethos behind everything. In my opinion skin should still look like skin and the tinted moisturizer matched that exactly! The other plus is that it has an SPF 15 :)

I purchased the shade Medium, because i still have my winter colour and may get the darker one if i can't get away with using bronzer. Tinted moisturizer is very forgiving in shades, you don't have to be exactly that shade unlike with foundations.

Blending the tinted moisturizer
For me i love the light feeling of this tinted moisturizer. I got the hydrating one because i am still suffering from the odd dry patch on my face. However by the time it hits summer i think i will invest in the oil free one, just because i can imagine myself sitting on the tube in the middle of July sweating my face off!

This feels super light on my skin and blends in beautifully. It lasted all day on my skin and the sheer coverage looks amazingly natural. I will be continuing to use this throughout the summer months and maybe on those days where i don't want to wear makeup. ;)

The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer is £27 and can be purchased HERE

Have any of you tried the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer?

Friday, 13 April 2012

How to Turn Day Makeup into Night/Evening Makeup

Hello my lovelies! I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend, as i sure am!

I have posted up a video on how to turn your natural, everyday makeup into a night/evening makeup. I know sometimes after a long day, whether it be at work or uni etc, the last thing you are thinking about is your makeup!

I have also put up a no makeup, makeup tutorial for all you girlies :)

I hope you all have a fab weekend!!!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hola Granada!

Hello everyone! How are you all? Recently i had traveled to Granada in Spain and i thought i would do a little blog post on it!

Why Granada?? Well for me i love the history of Granada. Studying Spanish, Granada came across in many of the literature texts. Granada was run by the Moorish rulers and this was known as the Conquista. Over time the Christians wanted the land back and after many years of war the Reconquista happened.

There is still a huge Arab and Muslim influence here in Granada. Walking along the streets, people here are talking Arabic with a mixture of Spanish :)

Everyone i have spoken to always says they have fallen in love with Granada and now i can understand why.

I also managed to fit in some skiing in Sierra Nevada, unfortunately the snow had started to melt but it was still a lot of fun skiing!

I am now in love with Granada! It is such an incredible and beautiful place with a rich history. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! What have you all been up to in the holidays?

Besos chicas

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

New MAC Haul - Extra Dimension Skinfinish & Tres Cheek Blush

I have been waiting for the new release of the MAC Extra Dimension and Tres Cheek collection and i was able to get my hands on the products before they sold out!

I am a big fan of the MAC Skinfinishes and when i saw these i knew i had to get them. They are much more smoother in application than the original skinfinishes.

From left-right. MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Whisper of Gilt, Superb.
  • MAC Extra Dimesion Skinfinish (Whisper of Guilt, Superb) £21.50 HERE
These products are limited edition and will sell out very quickly.
I only wanted two of the shades (superb and whisper of guilt). These give a beautiful highlighted sheen to the skin and are suitable for all skin tones. I love applying these on my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and temples. They are super pigmented, so a little bit of product goes a long way. 

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Superb
Superb is a great highlighter but it has a more pinkier undertone compared with Whisper of Gilt. I think out of all three shades, this is the most wearable for all skin tones.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Whisper of Gilt.
This is a gorgeous champagne colour and sort of reminds me of the MAC Skinfinish in Candlelight, which i never got the chance to purchase.

This shade may look a bit chalky on very dark skins, however on my NC42 skin it looks fab! I would definatly tell you girlies to buy it before it sells out! ;) 

I wasn't sure about the MAC Viva Glam V lipstick until i had swatched it, as soon as i did i knew i had to buy it.

MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick

This shade is a sheer pink on my lips. Its a MAC Lustre lipstick which i prefer wearing. The colour is a my lips but better and the sheen really moisturizes my lips! I prefer more subtle colours to wear throughout the day, because when you have six straight hours of lectures, the last thing on my mind is to reapply lipstick. ;)

The MAC Viva Glam Lipsticks are £13.50 and can be purchased HERE

Also the full price spent (excluding VAT) goes towards men and women affected by HIV and AIDS worldwide.

The last thing i purchased was a MAC Blusher from the Tres Cheek collection. As many of you know i adore oranges and corals.

The new Tres Cheek blushers retail at £17.50 and can be bought HERE

Modern Mandarin is a satin finish blush which can be built up. It is described as a red-orange shade. This shade is flattering for olive, tanned skin tones but would also suit fair skinned people. 

Some people may find this shade intimidating, however it applies sheerly and can then be built up for the desired look.

Have any of you purchased any of the new MAC products? If so, how are you finding them? x